Friday, June 15, 2007

A New Name for umwronco

In the interests of creating a new, non-trademarked name for what we've been talking about here, let me start by making an ungainly suggestion, one so clunky that others will be inspired to come up with something better. Borrowing from Gardner and Martha, I hereby dub it the "Caravan of Learning Suite for Inspired Learners" or COLSIM for short. [Be warned, if someone else doesn't come up with something better, I will keep using this one....]


Gardner said...

Hmmm. Kinda like it. The "sim" part is a sneaky-cool way of bringing issues of representation into the discussion, which of course I'm all for. :)

Jeff said...

We could even pronounce it Cool-Sim.

Of course, Learning/Learners repetitiveness bothers me some...

Jerry said...

I came up with a name I bounced around the office today... "Blender," or in a WEB 2.0 kind of way, "Blendr."

Another one I'm less enthused about but might work too is "Valves."

To me, they both represent the mixing, mashing, changing, filtering of information.

Mike Caulfield said...


I'd call it fishbowl. Because it makes visble the university, as if it's in a fishbowl.

Or perhaps aquarium, since you've got an ecosystem that you're showing --- but fishbowl sounds cooler.

One of my sayings regarding web 2.0 has been "Embrace the fishbowl" -- so I'm biased.