Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Faculty Academy 2006

I'm struck by how many people are here at the Faculty Academy this year. Several high-level adminstrators, and probably 80-90 people attending. That's great and I hope that it's a sign of a larger, broader committment on the part of the faculty and staff to the ideas (and openness) espoused here.

Blogging and Me

So, I stood up and said in front of many people at Faculty Academy that I'm a reluctant blogger in part because of concern about tenure. It's something I've said to Steve and Gardner a number of times, but never in public (and in front of the Rector of the Board of Visitors, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Dean of CGPS, as well as at least one member of the tenure committee).

Faculty Academy 2006 -- Rachel Smith

I'm once again blogging about the Faculty Academy.

Rachel Smith of the NMC is talking about gaming and education.

People actually research MMOs and their impact. [Seems useful for modern anthropologists or sociologists.] See The Daedalus Project

MSU program does research on games and gender -- aliengames.org

Research, books and lectures about games. -- gametheory.net